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A clear window coating that solves the visibility and appearance problems of conventional window tints and reflective films while significantly reducing solar heat build up.

 Stellar Energy Solutions, LLC, is a specialist in the Residential and Commercial Window Film Marketplace. We are proud to be the exclusive dealer in Austin, TX, for the finest premium window films available from V-KOOL™ and to be one of the top dealers in the nation for V-KOOL™.

Many of our customers call our product, “window tint.” We use the term “film,” in part because our products do not darken your windows. We do not apply film to cars. We focus on providing high-quality window film for homes and business structures.

Don’t obscure your view or live in the dark. Efficiency, clarity and solar protection make our window film a money-saving, “green” investment in your home or business. Contact us for a free consultation, demonstration and proposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is V-Kool?

V-Kool is the world’s first clear, spectrally-selective applied film, which transmits more than 70% of visible light while rejecting 99% of ultra-violet light, and 94% of infrared heat.  Spectrally-selective films have transparent, metalized coatings designed to transmit, reflect or absorb different wavelengths of the solar spectrum. V-Kool it is designed specifically to be light transmitting while rejecting heat with out the “mirror” look.

How long has V-Kool been around?

V-Kool was first installed in the U.S. in 1991 and was originally invented as a specialty item for the U.S. government and was applied to the U.S. Military’s Stealth Bombers.  Performance data was obtained using a Perkin-Elmer Lambda 9 Spectrophotometer in combination with the “Window 4.0 Fenestration Program” provided by the Windows and Daylighting group at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, the world’s foremost window science group.  No other spectrally selective window film has been around half this length of time.

Why does V-Kool cost more than conventional tints or reflective films?

V-Kool cannot be compared to other competitive films because it is proven to be the most technologically advanced spectrally-selective coating in the world.  Other films are classified as conventional films, meaning that they are either tinted or reflective films.  Tinted films require significantly less sophisticated technology to produce; hence the cost is low.  Conventional reflective films utilize conventional evaporative deposition technologies, adapted from the same technology used to coat the insides of common potato chip packs.

Instead of looking at the initial cost of V-Kool, you should consider its life cycle cost as well as other intangible benefits.  While there is a premium associated with the purchase, V-Kool reduces air conditioning operating cost, reduces fading damage to draperies and furnishings, allows occupants to use floor space near windows even in the direct sunlight because of increased comfort.  Productivity and alertness are heightened in such comfort-enhanced environments.  It is a long-term cost-effective investment.

V-Kool is manufactured through multi-layered sputtering.  The raw materials and the high tech coating process gives V-Kool its unique performance which are costly.  For instance, the product uses pure silver, gold, and indium oxide (even more costly than silver) to form the 7-layer V-Kool optical stack.  These materials are deposited one layer at a time onto a super clear polyester substrate (only the top 1% of all polyester that are produced daily in the world can meet our specifications) at a rate of 2m/min per layer.  The custom built sputtering machine costs $18 million.  This is the same equipment used to deposit the radar evasive skin on the Stealth Bomber!  As such, what you are getting is a deceptively clear looking V-Kool film, loaded with nothing but the best that tomorrow’s technology can offer.

Why not buy something cheaper?

If you weigh every aspect of your needs for energy savings and are really interested in not changing the architectural integrity of your home or building, then the lesser expensive products may be for you.  In order to block heat, most films other than V-Kool are dark and shiny.

Is V-Kool the right window film for the Austin area?

V-Kool is the highest rated window film around and the only product I recommend in the Austin, Texas area because the Texas heat requires the top window film.

Is V-Kool associated with Energy Star?

V-Kool has been partnered with Energy Star for many years because it is an energy efficient product.

Has V-Kool been installed on any high profile jobs?

There have been many high profile jobs including government buildings, large national retailers, and other prestigious buildings.  Please let us know which field of interest you are curious about.

Will V-Kool void my glass warranty?

V-Kool should not void your glass warranty, however most glass companies void their warranty if you put any type of product on the glass, which is unfortunate.  We do offer an extended warranty that does coincide with the manufacturer’s warranty.  Please check our warranty for any questions or concerns.  Statistics show V-Kool’s incidence of glass breakage is considerably less than the glass industry’s own incidence of breakage; therefore we do not recommend the extended warranty.

Does it conform to government regulations?

Yes, and most exceed the government regulations, please see our MSDS form.

Will V-Kool make my glass stronger?

V-Kool does not necessarily make the glass stronger, but it will keep the glass intact if it is struck by a foreign object.  We do have safety film that takes a tremendous amount of abuse for safety and security applications.

Will V-Kool protect me?

Similar to the previous question, however V-Kool and other window films do make your glass shatter resistant.  V-Kool does have safety and security film for various applications. (It will keep shards of glass from flying)

Light Transmittance?

No other film can transmit as much light and reject the same amount of heat as V-Kool.  VK 70 has the highest luminous efficacy in the industry.

Will I be able to see outside of my windows at night?

Absolutely, V-Kool is no more reflective than plain clear glass, so it does not distort or hinder your view day or night.


V-Kool is no more reflective than clear glass, and some of our films (as tested) have lower reflectivity than glass, so you keep your visual clarity day and night.  VK 70 is 2% less reflective than glass that no other heat rejecting film can boast!


No other film can transmit as much light and reject the same amount of heat as V-Kool.


V-Kool blocks 99% of the ultraviolet rays.

Will V-Kool help stop my glare problem?

We do have glare reducing films but we do not eliminate the entire glare because you would have no light let through if so.

Will V-Kool stop my fading problems?

V-Kool does reject 99% of the ultraviolet rays which is the main component of fading, no window film or any other window product (except a brick wall) stops fading but V-Kool will help to appreciably (or use the word- substantially) extend the life of your furnishings.  However there are other factors that cause fading; such as heat, light, and the quality of the materials you are trying to protect.

Does V-Kool have a full line of products?

V-Kool has a full line of products that solve almost all energy related problems.  Let us explain the difference in each of our products, which will in turn explain cost and technology.

Is this product ceramic?

No, it is a metallized product that contains gold and silver that rejects the heat without a shiny appearance versus absorbing heat.

Why would I buy VK 70 over ceramic?

You will have more visible light transmission and better solar heat rejection while creating less stress on the glass from absorption.

What are the benefits of V-Kool over installing new windows or low E glass?

V-Kool is usually much less expensive than replacement windows and can give you the same or better energy savings and does not change the aesthetics of the glass like a lot of low E and E2 glass.  The same technology in new windows has been used by V-Kool for over 13 years.

What will the effect be on my single pane windows?

It will not change the aesthetics of your windows but V-Kool will decrease the amount of heat let in by 55% while making your glass shatter resistant.

Is V-Kool able to be applied to double pane glass?

Yes, since most V-Kool films have the lowest absorption rates, we can satisfy most applications.  Please check with us for your specific application, which also includes laminated glass.

Can this be applied to odd shaped glass?

Yes, V-Kool can be applied to most any size of glass, realizing that the installation time may be the same on a small piece of glass as it is on a large piece of glass.

Why should I use V-Kool if I already have other window treatments?

Whether we can help with the fading of your valuable furnishings or the heat already coming through your windows, V-Kool is a wise addition.

Will V-Kool extend the life of my A/C?

V-Kool should reduce the usage of your equipment by blocking heat, so less hours of run time will preserve the life of your cooling equipment.

How much will this reduce my utility bills?

Depending on the amount of glass and the orientation of your windows will determine the amount of energy savings.  In most cases there is a 3 to 4 year payback period on your utility bills and it normally reduces 33%-50% of energy costs annually.  History shows utility rates increase just about every other year, so your lifetime warranty is a sure money saver.

Will V-Kool eliminate the need for air conditioning?

V-Kool will reduce the amount of heat let in through your windows, and this will reduce the amount of run time for your air conditioning unit.  This will cut down on utility bills and enable your air conditioning unit to have a longer lasting life.

Can I install myself?

We only use trained professionals to install our film so that you do receive a lifetime warranty as a homeowner.

What is the installation procedure?

V-Kool is applied on the inside of the glass and our certified installers use the proper tools and equipment to guarantee your application for as long as you own your home.  Water is used to activate the adhesive, so it may take up to 30 days to completely dry.

How long will it take to dry?

During the window film drying process, you may notice changes in the optical clarity.  A cloudy appearance may occur.  If this happens, it is normal and will go away.  After the moisture dries, the hazy appearance will disappear as the film bonds to the glass.  V-KOOL “cures” at a slower rate than other films.  It is also important to note that drying times are dramatically affected by climate.

Will this product bubble or change colors?

V-Kool is warranted to never bubble or change colors after the initial curing process.  V-Kool is made of silver and gold and does not use dyes, which have a tendency to change colors because they are not stable.

How do I clean my glass?

Do not wash windows until (30) days after installation of V-Kool.  Most importantly, do not use cleaning solutions that contain ammonia. When cleaning use a soft towel or cloth or a clean synthetic sponge.  Use common cleaning solutions such as warm water and detergent.  Do not use solutions that contain abrasive materials.

Will it cause my windows to break or cause seal failure?

The incidence of glass breakage with V-Kool is less than 1/10 of 1% of all film sold.  This includes those incidences where we might install V-Kool on windows that may already have a weak spot (crack, chip) in the glass.  The right film application should not break your windows or cause seal failure, we do warranty against these problems, please ask your V-Kool dealer to go over our superb warranty.

Can V-Kool be scratched?

V-Kool has passed the ASTM D-1044 Scratch Resistant Test.  Most window films are protected with this scratch coat technology.  When subjected to the 100 cycles of the taber abrader at 500 grams.  Square inch pressure of steel wool, the result is less than 4% haze.

How long will this last?

We have applications that are over 13 years old.  The window film industry suggests that V-Kool film will last 10-15 years.

V-Kool sounds too good to be true!

We have many repeat customers and references that will attest to its quality.  V-Kool is independently tested and you will immediately feel the difference in our heat demonstration.

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